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Who is Kreature?

Everyone has a fairytale inside,

that he can not read alone.

He needs someone who,

with wonder and enchantment in the eyes,

read it and tell him.

(Pablo Neruda)

KREATURE FIRENZE is a craft activity dedicated to the design and creation of photo albums starting from the scrapbooking technique. We are Giovanna and Rosanna, respectively born in 1967 and 1968. Our personal history has given us a chance: to meet and combine our passion for handicraft. Our love for paper, photos and the importance we give to collecting and preserve memories are the foundation of our project.

foto Giovanna e Rosanna.JPEG

All our albums are entirely handmade. Each one of them is a "kreature" for us, different from the previous one, decorated according to the inspiration of the moment. A unique and inimitable artifact. Paper is the “star” in our work: of extreme quality, it’s carefully chosen to enhance our products and to make them last over time.

When we first stepped into a paper mill, it was like two little girls visiting a toy store. We realized we were at home.

The vintage taste of the papers used for the interior and our decorative technique make our style a unique style, which also includes the use of recycled materials such as cloth, buttons, cardboard, paper books and newspapers. We are two "compulsive collectors" and we love to bring to a new life things that others no longer need.

The design phase is very complex but it gives us great satisfaction. Our goal is to create an original product that enhances the immense manual work and the time we dedicate to the creative process. We hope we will be able to transmit our idea of album to you: not just a collection of pictures, but a story to tell that will warm your hearts.


Paper and our passion for recycling have always inspired us. We love to recycle materials that would otherwise remain unused or thrown away. So new projects have come to life: from small scraps of paper, fabric and leather, were born our beads and flowers.





Today we are able to propose a big variety of albums, both in terms of number of photos and themes. We also offer the opportunity to costumize them on request.

But not only this: give yourself some time to browse throught the site and take a look at all our proposals. You will not regret it!


If you cherish your memories and you are looking for original products, but also value manual work, you are on the right site!

C’è chi ci mette la faccia: noi ci mettiamo le mani!

My name is Rosanna. 

Born and raised in Florence, my hometown tought me about the love for beautiful things. 

I have always loved to create with my own hands and to recycle materials. 

Christmas for me is the most beautiful time of the year. It always inspired  me. 

Thanks to my mother I realized that family is simply made by the people who loves you, and friends are part of it.

Thanks to my children I realized that parenting is an ungrateful profession, but also that it’s the most beautiful one in the World. 

I love to read, watch movies, travel, go trekking and go to the beach when no one is around. 

I like to think that there is always a plan B and the possibility of "recycling yourself". 

So it was for me!

My name is Giovanna.

I live in Florence but I was born in Salerno, the city where I left a piece of my heart. The South belongs to me and has the taste of pizza and the smell of coffee, the sound of traffic, the joy of people, the colors of the sea, but especially the eyes of my father.

I am the mother of two beautiful children and I love my creative work, which allowed me to use my dexterity and put myself in the game a second time. I love to see things taking shape in my hands and ideas coming to life. I like the sea and to walk with Dante, my wonderful German Shepherd.

To think that what we create can be the source of happiness for someone, it’s a huge satisfaction and the strongest incentive to continue our adventure!

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